There is a great deal of information on this site and its hard to know who owns what's. Around 70% of the time the information and picture are copyrighted to AmigaNG, the rest of the time its copyrighted to Amiga Inc or Hyperion Entertainment. Sometime information does come from other Amiga web sites like, and amiga events where possible source of material will be displayed.

Below are some of the policies of AmigaNG
1) Amiga, Amiga logo, Amiga DE, AmigaAnywhere, and boing ball are all trademarks of Amiga Inc.
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3) AmigaNG is NOT an official or endorsed Amiga site.
4) AmigaNG dose NOT lie or make up stories all information is correct at time of publishing.
5) The information on AmigaNG CANNOT be guaranteed to be 100% correct or true. This due to information coming from other sites or e-mails that are also not official endorsed Amiga sites.
6) CommodoreUSA Amiga are not coved on AmigaNG
7) NG is not copyrighted, by any one. (NG stands for Next Generation)
8) Any other sites that use the term AmigaNG, dose not necessarily mean they are referring to this web site.
9) All other trademarks that are used on AmigaNG is copyrighted to its respective owners. (Hyperion, Eyetech etc.)
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12) Some of the pictures used on this site are copyrighted to other owners and not always copyrighted by AmigaNG.
13) AmigaNG will remove any information or pictures that are copyrighted by other company when requested ASAP.
14) YouTube channel contains footage and music copyighted to Commodore, Apple, and various software and music companies. All fair rights policys are followed as listed on YouTube

I hope that the above clears up any information. If you do not what your company name/or information that you think is yours being used or misused on AmigaNG then please e-mail me, so I will remove or change the information as requested. PS: if you do see any errors or mistakes appearing on this site then please e-mail of where they are and they will be removed or fixed ASAP. Email me at